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Knowledge Building Games

Stage 0-3


Stage 4


Stage 5


Stage 6


Stage 7-8


Addition and Subtraction:


Bean Addition

Doubles to 100

Facts to 5 Flash Cards, Memory

Facts to 10 Flash Cards, Memory

Groupings to 10

Make 5

Make 10

Pairs to 10


Under the Box

Using Fingers

Addition and Subtraction:

Adding Multiples of 10

Addition/Subtraction to 10, Quick Recall

Count Along to 100

Crazy Twos

Doubles and Halves Memory

Find The Biggest Total

Greatest Number to 100

Letter Box Math

Memory Doubles

Mend The Number Square

Pairs to 20

Pairs to 20--Test Yourself

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Teen Facts

"Ten and" Facts

Tens Facts

Addition and Subtraction:

Add and Multiply

Adding Multiples of 100

Addition Bingo

Addition Loopy Cards

Addition Puzzle

Addition/Subtraction Quick Recall

Addition Facts to 20--Test Yourself

Baking Biscuits

Before and After the Target

Cake Fractions

Dominoes Pairs Within 100

Fill In the Gaps

Four In A Row Addition

Guess My Number

Halves of Hundreds Numbers

I Spy--Addition

Make 1000

Pairs To One Hundred

Pizza Pieces

Subtraction Bingo

Subtraction Loopy Cards

Subtraction To 20--Test Yourself

Tens Facts

Addition and Subtraction:

Addition Facts To 20

Calculator Challenge

Number Madness

Pairs to 1000

Subtraction Facts to 20

Subtraction Puzzle


Ordering Numbers:

Before and After 0-10

Before and After Hundreds

Order 1-20

Ordering 0-10

Ordering Numbers

Ordering Numbers:

Before and After Hundreds


Ordering to 100


Tape Measure Counting

Ordering Numbers:

Before And After Hundreds

Ordering License Plates

Ordering Numbers:

Before and After Big Numbers



Calendar Counting

Counting Book

Counting Mat

Pipe Cleaner Numbers

Skip Counting to 20

Place Value:

Newspaper Numbers

Which Way Around

Place Value:

Blast 1000

Greatest Number To 100

Hundreds, Tens, and Ones

Largest Number Wins

License Plates 1

License Plates 2

Number Hangman

Place It

Place Value Hundreds

Place Value Thousands

Plates Plus Ten

Reading Numbers To 1000


Rounding to the Nearest 100

Place Value:

Rounding Big Numbers

Rounding Cards

Tens and Hundreds

Tens, Hundreds, Thousands



Four In A Row Multiplication

I Spy Multiplication


Multiplication Bingo

Multiplication Loopy Cards

Multiplication Puzzle

Multiplying By 10 Gameboards

Multiply by 10, 100, and 1000

Times Tables Practice



Factors Cover Up

Multiples Cover Up

Simple Powers



Groupings of 2 In Numbers To 20

Groupings of 5 In Numbers To 50

Halves of "ty" Numbers


Groupings of 2 In Numbers To 100

Groupings of 10 and 5 In Numbers To 100



Divisibility Game

Division Game

Division Loopy Cards

Division Puzzle

Groupings of Numbers and Their Remainders 



Counting Fractions

Making One With Fractions

Unit Fractions



Fractions With Denominators of 100 and 1000

Ordering Fractions



Calculator Tenths

Counting In Tenths

Making One With Decimals

Rounding To The Nearest Whole Number


Tenths and Hundredths In Decimal Numbers


Counting In Decimals

Decimal Cards

Up and Down With Decimals

 All games from www.nzmaths.co.nz family resources