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The Office for Research at Idaho State University fosters and maintains mutually beneficial relationships with federal, state and corporate sponsors.  We provide high quality and timely service to our faculty and staff while maintaining balance between the interests of ISU, the State of Idaho, and the interests of industry for the public good.

We encompass several areas that handle different parts of the research process. For a variety of research areas including- energy and environmental applications, healthcare, biomedical, geosciences, data assurance - The ISU Office for Research handles the details to assist with projects.

Research Funding - the Sponsored Programs and Support team assists faculty and staff as they develop proposals for external funding for sponsored research, scholarly and community service projects and post-award assistance.

Research Compliance and Requirements - to ensure faculty, staff and students have a general awareness of relevant research compliance rules, understanding of requirements connected to specific research activities and monitoring tools to document ISU's research compliance, the Research Outreach and Compliance team is available for assistance.

Innovation & Collaboration - ISU's talented researchers and students push the boundaries of innovation independently and collaboratively with private-sector partners.  To promote scientific developments and develop partnerships the Technology Commercialization office is available to support these endeavors.


One Minute With a Researcher

The Office for Research is proud to present our YouTube series  "One Minute with a Researcher" where researchers across campus provide insight into their areas of study.

Research in the News:

Idaho State University wins Idaho Innovation Award for medical isotopes project

Stoel Rives LLP organizes the awards with support from Trailhead and the Idaho Technology Council. ISU was one of five winners announced at the gala event, which was a segment of the Idaho Technology Council’s eighth annual Hall of Fame celebration held at the Boise Centre.

ISU was honored for “A New Process and Mechanism for Producing Copper-67 that enables economical manufacture of Cu-67 in the quantities and purity required for medical testing and life-saving use.”

“We are honored,” said Jon Stoner, deputy director and director of technical operations at the Idaho Accelerator Center (IAC). 


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Eighteen Idaho State University students awarded MILES scholarships to present at Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research

Thirty undergraduate students from Idaho State University were awarded Managing Idaho’s Landscapes for Ecosystem Services (MILES) internships to participate in wide range of social science, ecological and geological studies this summer.

Furthermore, 18 of these students presented at the Idaho Conference on Undergraduate Research (ICUR) in Boise from July 26-27. 

Megan Brauner, a junior studying biology whose research involved the rehabilitation of cutthroat trout habitats, said she was happy for the chance to showcase her research.


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ISU Professor Dave Pearson Receives National Science Foundation Funding to Better Understand How Idaho, Montana Mountains Formed

POCATELLO – Idaho State University Assistant Professor Dave Pearson is teaming up with collaborators to better understand how mountain ranges in Central Idaho and Southwest Montana formed.

His efforts are part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) $570,000-funded study, of which ISU’s portion is about $172,000. Pearson will be collaborating with researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Iowa.

“It is an investigation involving a lot of field work and the isotopic dating of minerals in Central Idaho and Southwest Montana,” Pearson said. “We are trying to understand how and when the mountains got the way they are, which has implications for how other mountain ranges around the world grow.”

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