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Research Integrity & Compliance (RIC)

We unify ISU's approach to research compliance.

RIC is your portal to information, forms and processes needed to maintain research compliance.

Research Integrity & Compliance (RIC) is tasked with ensuring 

  • faculty, staff and students have a general awareness of relevant research compliance rules,
  • researchers understand the requirements connected to their specific research activities, and
  • the creation and maintenance of monitoring tools to document ISU’s research compliance. 

ISU Research Policies

Compliance means following the laws, regulations and University Policies that govern our everyday activities as members of the University community.  All accredited universities are required to establish internal oversight to meet the requirements of a variety of external agencies.

ISU Research Compliance Point of Contact


Export Control Email: orexpctr@isu.edu

Compliance Committees Point of Contact

Tom Bailey, Research Compliance Coordinator

    IACUC/Animal Care via  anmlcare@isu.edu 

    IRB/Human Subjects via  humsubj@isu.edu

Rebekah Cruz, Biosafety/IBC Compliance Coordinator via biosafe@isu.edu


Compliance Committee Chair statement

It is the practice of the Office for Research to provide compensation to the faculty Chairs of the Compliance committees. Compensation can take the form of course(s) release time and/or summer salary. Overload pay is not an option since the purpose of compensation is to release the committee Chairs from course work to give them time to conduct committee business.

Faculty assuming a committee Chair position will negotiate their compensation with the Vice President for Research (or their representative).  The primary consideration will be the number and timing of protocols managed by the Compliance committee, which varies between each committee.  Because compensation is likely to impact the faculty member's teaching and/or research, their department Chair must approve all arrangements.