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Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)

ISU Researchers/Instructors wishing to use living animals for research or instruction, must be familiar with the pertinent ISU procedures and coordinate with the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, or IACUC.


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ISU's Animal Welfare

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What is the IACUC Responsible for?

  • ensuring compliance by ISU personnel and its facilities with federal regulations and national standards regarding use of animals in research or education
  • review and prior approval for all activities involving animals, either at ISU facilities or in the field under ISU direction
  • regular inspections and reviews of the University’s animal program and facilities

Please Note: The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has issued and posted an update to the 2013 Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals, the AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals: 2020 Edition. OLAW encourages PHS-Assured institutions to begin using the 2020 Guidelines when reviewing research projects as soon as possible.

Note to Researchers: 

Grants and contract submission requirements regarding animal euthanasia

A new Guide Notice, Grant and Contract Submission Requirements Regarding the AVMA Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals: 2020 Edition (NOT-OD-20-143) was published on July 13, 2020. After October 1, 2020, grant applications and contract proposals must be consistent with the 2020 Guidelines. Grant applicants must continue to follow application form instructions in the How to Apply – Application Guide.

IACUC is authorized to suspend any activity involving the use of animals which is not being conducted according to accepted standards, applicable laws, regulations and/or institutional policies.

IACUC members must meet certain qualifications based upon experience and expertise, as required by federal regulations. The Committee reports to the “Institutional Official,” or “IO,” who is either the University President or his/her designee. The Vice President for Research (VPR) has been designated to fulfill this role.  The VPR appoints the IACUC members.

The IACUC must approve your protocol before any work is performed.

When applying for external funding for a project involving animals, many sponsors ask in their applications if you have submitted your protocols to the IACUC.  Upon award, your Cayuse proposal file is updated by the IACUC Coordinator, indicating completion of a protocol approval by IACUC.  Funds will be held until the completion and approval of associated protocols.

How do I Submit an IACUC Protocol?


Meeting Dats and Protocol Submission Deadlines

Protocols are due to anmlcare@isu.edu by the close of the business day of each deadline.

  • This time is used by the IACUC to review protocols prior to the meeting
    • The IACUC meets monthly during the academic year and as needed during the summer.

IACUC Meeting and Protocol Submission Schedule Fall 2023:

Submission Deadline Meeting Date
Aug. 1 Aug. 14
Sept. 1 Sept. 11
Oct. 1 Oct. 9
Nov. 1 Nov. 13
Dec. 1 Dec. 11

IACUC Contact

Tom Bailey, Committee Coordinator

  • (208) 282-2179
  • Mail Stop 8286
  • anmlcare@isu.edu
  • Office Location
    • 1651 Alvin Ricken Drive, Suite 107 | Pocatello, ID 83201


The IACUC reviews any specific concerns or complaints about ISU’s animal care/use. 

Which Policy Applies?

Other Resources

The ISU Animal Facility has both an Animal Facilities Manager, and an Attending Veterinarian, who, in cooperation with IACUC, provide guidance and assistance regarding proper and humane use of animals.