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Idaho State University Animal Care Facility

What happens here? 

The Animal Facility is the location for maintaining non-human research subjects in a clean, disease-free and continuously managed environment.

At ISU, Animal Care 

  • needs are met and exceeded–physical, social and psychological
  • occurs on an individual basis to optimize their health and welfare
  • standards and practice are improved through assessment and revision

 The Facility is

  1. available to Investigators who have completed, and had approved, an Animal Use & Care Protocol form
  2. staffed by full-time ISU personnel prepared to
    • answer questions or concerns about animal care
    • help you gain access to the facility
    • handle your Research Animal Order Form  for animals for a per diem rate fee 
  3. assist in obtaining veterinary reviews and care

The Animal Facilities Manager (AFM) is

  • Responsible for the day-to-day management of the Animal Care Facility and its staff
  • Your primary point of contact for the Facility

Contact the AFM at acf@isu.edu or (208) 282-3895.

Complete your Request for animal purchases with a Research Animal Order Form (DocuSign).

We provide customer service with

  • open lines of communication with the Investigator and Assistants to resolve issues
  • prompt response to the needs of the Investigator and educators.

We support quality academic and research environment by

  1. Assisting investigators through knowledgeable staff
  2. Assisting investigators to balance their research parameters with the requirements of the

We coordinate with investigators, creating a research environment that promotes animal welfare