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Important upcoming dates

March 7th: Late 8-week courses begin

March 8th: Early 8-week course grading closes at 5:00 pm

March 11th: Last day to add/drop late 8-week courses

March 18th: Last day to WITHDRAW from full semester courses

March 21st: Fall 2022 Class Schedule viewable online (subject to change)

March 21st thru March 25th: Spring Break (no classes)

March 28th: Deadline to file an application for August 2022 graduation (subject to change)

April 4th: 7:00AM - Class Level Registration begins for continuing ISU students for Fall 2022

April 4th: Fall 2022 Registration begins for Priority, GR, PB and Seniors

April 6th: Fall 2022 Registration begins for Juniors

April 8th: Fall 2022 Registration begins for Sophomores

April 8th:  Last day to WITHDRAW from late 8-week courses

April 11th: Fall 2022 Registration begins for Freshman and all others

April 25th:  Late 8-week and full semester course grading opens

May 2nd:  FINAL Examinations

May 6th:  Spring 2022 classes end

May 7th Commencement (May & August 2022 graduates)



For the latest ISU information about Covid-19 and how it may affect you, check out the Roaring Back page.



Idaho State University is a public research-based institution that advances scholarly and creative endeavors through academic instruction, and the creation of new knowledge, research, and artistic works. Idaho State University provides leadership in the health professions, biomedical, and pharmaceutical sciences, as well as serving the region and the nation through its environmental science and energy programs. The University provides access to its regional and rural communities through delivery of preeminent technical, undergraduate, graduate, professional, and interdisciplinary education. The University fosters a culture of diversity, and engages and impacts its communities through partnerships and services.