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How to apply

So you want to work-study in Twin Falls? GREAT!

You can apply by filling out the application form and either print it and bring it into Adam on the College of Southern Idaho Campus, Hepworth Building, Office 156. Or better yet save some trees, and email the saved form to AdamSpencer@isu.edu

Application Form

General Description: 

Operate and monitor video, and audio in support of video distance learning classes.  Paid training will be provided, no experience necessary.

Key Responsibilities 


  • Turn on projector(s)
  • Ensure properly frame camera shots (examples provided)
  • Change video source(s) to student or instructor camera 
  • Monitor presentation and video for inconsistencies
  • Give instructions on the use of the document camera 
  • Assist in laptop connections 
  • Communicate any issues with supervisor



  • Monitor local, and farsite audio for inconsistencies
  • Adjust far site and/or computer audio using touch pad/panel when necessary
  • Communicate any issues with supervisor


Classroom upkeep

  • Before class: check paper, pens, and batteries
  • After class: push in chairs and tidy up items on the tables and podium
  • Report any problems with tables, chairs, and/or room equipment to your supervisor
  • Collect items left in the classroom and bring to the lost and found
  • Communicate any issues with supervisor


Customer Service

  • Speak with the professor before and/or after class 
  • Upon request, give the professor the wireless mic before class (check battery level) 
  • Return wireless mic to booth after class
  • Communicate any issues with supervisor


Other duties

  • Communicate any issues with supervisor
  • As assigned



  • Hours vary each semester, and are subject to class schedules. On average we aim to provide around 10 hours of work each week. Most of these hours will be in the evenings (4pm to 10pm) Monday thru Thursday. 



  • starts at $10 per hour
  • Eligible for raises for consecutive semesters worked