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Move-in Day August 12, 2020

Idaho State University Housing Move-In Day for new and returning students attending classes on campus this fall is scheduled for August 12, 2020 and will follow a strict move-in schedule based on student selected times to reduce large crowds and to allow for physical distancing.

All residence hall students will receive an email on July 20, 2020 with instructions on how to make a move-in appointment. Students will be required to check in on the date and time they select.  Residence hall students are limited to two family members or move-in helpers.

Idaho State University guidelines for moving in include,

  • Students and family members/helpers will be required to wear face coverings throughout the move-in process
  • Elevators will be limited to one family
  • Physical distancing and occupancy limits for all common areas will be posted
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been placed throughout residential and dining communities
  • Carts will be available to check out and will be sanitized regularly.

Due to the nature of our current situation, there will not be volunteers to help students move in. Idaho State University Housing staff will be on hand to welcome students and families, and assist with cart checkout and sanitation.

For more information about residence halls move-in dates, please contact Idaho State University Housing at (208) 282-2120 or email

Find Your Place in Campus Housing!

Find your place with us.  There is something for everyone and students living on-campus are generally more satisfied with their overall university experience than students living off campus.  Part of that satisfaction comes from the relationships that are established and maintained through their community.  There is no other living opportunity that fosters friendship while allowing students to learn about other cultures than living on campus. Enjoy the college experience while maintaining these friendships and memories for a lifetime. 

Find your stripes. Students living on campus are more likely to take advantage of the full college experience.  There are many opportunities to fully immerse oneself in school spirit through attending athletic events, supporting traditions, and much more. Be a part of campus life and see what it means to be a Bengal!

Find your success. University Housing at Idaho State University offers a myriad of benefits to our residents, but especially to our freshmen.  Students who live on campus have higher grade point averages and higher rates of retention than students living off campus. On average, traditional age freshmen living in residence halls have GPAs that are 10% higher than their peers living off campus.

Find your community. It's important to take time to enjoy your experiences at Idaho State University.  There is always something to do while living on campus! With 30 live-in staff members, and great events occurring throughout the semester, an enjoyable experience is yours for the taking.  Don't miss out; apply today.


When compared to their peers who live off campus, students who live on campus tend to:

  • do better in their studies.
  • have higher GPAs.
  • be more engaged in campus activities.
  • have higher rates of graduation.

We provide reasonably priced rooms close to everything on campus.

As a housing resident, you’ll have the opportunity to experience: 

  • over 30 social and educational programs and events each semester.
  • 24-hour Wi-Fi and computer labs.
  • free on-site laundry in every building.
  • 12 on-campus dining options
  • more than 35 live-in staff members, with someone on-call 24-hours a day.

You will also have the advantage of being part of a larger community of new students sharing similar goals and aspirations. This includes Resident Assistants and Resident Directors who act as resources for support and advice.

Do you need more reasons to apply for housing at ISU ? Learn about our housing options, and prepare to experience the benefits of finding your place and living on campus.

Guidelines During COVID-19 Recovery

Students living in the residence halls will be asked to observe the following guidelines until such a time when the medical community deems it safe to resume our normal function. Failure to do so, puts you and your fellow students at risk and may be handled through the Student Conduct Process:

-Students living in the residence halls cannot have day or overnight visitors.

-There will be a limitation of 10 people in a common area space

-There will be a limit of 4 people per elevator.

-Students will be expected to stay in their rooms if they experience any illness.  Meal delivery options may be available

-Residence Hall students who experience any symptoms related to COVID-19 will need to contact the Housing Office (208) 282-2120, as well as the University Health Center (208) 282-2330..

University Housing Mission Statement

The mission of University Housing is to provide and effectively manage secure, clean, and affordable living-learning environments that promote student engagement by encouraging and supporting opportunities for academic success, personal and ethical development, community building, and the well-being of each individual resident.