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University Housing

Five Reasons to Live On Campus

1. Academics - Students who live on campus have higher rates of retention than students living off campus. On average, traditional age freshmen living in residence halls have GPAs that are 10% higher than their peers living off campus.
2. Spirit & Traditions - Living on campus provides opportunities to fully immerse oneself in school spirit through attending athletic events, supporting traditions, and much more. Be a part of campus life and see what it means to be a Bengal!
3. Satisfaction - Students living on campus generally report a higher degree of satisfaction with their overall college experience than students living off campus.
4. Friendship - There is no other living opportunity that fosters friendship while allowing students to learn about other cultures than living on campus. Enjoy the college experience while maintaining these friendships and memories for a lifetime. 
5. Fun - There is always something to do while living on campus! With 35 live-in staff members, events frequently take place throughout the semester, specifically designed for your floor and building. This is a unique opportunity provided to those students choosing to live on campus. 
Don't take our word for it...

According to the American Council on Education, students who live on campus are more likely to succeed academically than students who live off campus. This includes earning higher grades and being more likely to complete a college degree.

When compared to their peers who live off campus, students who live on campus tend to:

  • do better in their studies.
  • have higher GPAs.
  • be more engaged in campus activities.
  • have higher rates of graduation.

We provide reasonably priced rooms close to everything on campus.

As a housing resident, you’ll have the opportunity to experience

  • over 30 programs and events each semester.
  • 24-hour Wi-Fi and computer labs.
  • on-site laundry in every building.
  • 12 on-campus dining options
  • more than 35 live-in staff members, with someone on-call 24-hours a day.

You will also have the advantage of being part of a larger community of new students sharing similar experiences. This includes Resident Assistants and Resident Directors who act as resources for support and advice.

Do you need more reasons to apply for housing at ISU ? Learn more about our housing options, and prepare to experience the benefits of “living on.”

Owen Redfield housing complex

Residence Halls

Residence Halls provide housing for traditional-age students. The halls are best-suited for freshmen and sophomores at ISU.

Pulling Courts Apartments

On-Campus Apartments

Apartments are best suited for upper-classmen and non-traditional students. You must be in your second year of college, or over age 19, to be eligible for an apartment.

Students at a table

Meal Plans

Meal plans are required for students living in most residence halls, and optional for other residents and students. A variety of meal plans are available to choose from to fit your needs.

University Housing Mission Statement

The mission of University Housing is to provide and effectively manage secure, clean, and affordable living-learning environments that promote student engagement by encouraging and supporting opportunities for academic success, personal and ethical development, community building, and the well-being of each individual resident.


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