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Residence Halls

Each Residence Hall at Idaho State University has a Residence Director (a full-time professional staff member) who supervises hall staff and oversees hall operations. Each hall also houses trained student staff members who serve as Resident Assistants and Safety Assistants.

At least one staff member is on-call 24 hours a day to assist with any problems.

Hall residents below junior class level (freshmen and sophomores) are required to have a residential meal plan. Meal plans are not required for Schubert Heights residents.

Business majors are invited to participate in our College of Business Residential College in South Complex.  Students living in this community have regular and direct contact with faculty members from the College of Business at a variety of events, including monthly open houses and advising opportunities in the residence hall. If you are interested in joining this community, please select South Complex on your application.


ISU students have four residence hall options to choose from:

Rendezvous Hall

                                                     Rendezvous through the tress

In Rendezvous, priority is given to

upperclassmen and participants in the

University Honors Program.

Turner Hall

                                                 Turner House student housing

Turner Hall is an ideal housing

opportunity for freshmen looking

to be part of a community at ISU.




South Complex (Nichols, Owen, Dyer & Redfield Halls)

                                                     South Complex

South Complex is an ideal housing

opportunity for freshmen looking for

a smaller community to join.




Schubert Heights


Schubert Heights



Schubert Heights is primarily intended

for upperclassmen or non-traditional

students. Residents are not required to

have meal plans.