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Housing Forms

Under 18 Addendum

If you are under 18 and applying for housing at ISU, please print and complete the Under 18 Addendum.

Submit your completed form

  • via fax to (208) 282-3786
  • via email by scanning and sending it to reslife@isu.edu
  • via mail to:

University Housing
921 S. 8th Ave., Stop 8083
Pocatello, ID 83209

Notice to Vacate

If you are planning to move out of an ISU apartment, you need to follow these steps at least 30 days before you check out in order to avoid extra charges.

  1. Log in to your MyISU account.
  2. Search for on the University Housing card.
  3. Click on the Apply for Housing link in the University Housing card.
  4. Click on Housing Forms link
  5. Select Notice to Vacate from the drop down menu.

Housing Maintenance Request

To complete a maintenance request for housing:

  1. Log in to your MyISU account.
  2. Search for on the University Housing card.
  3. Click on the maintenance request link in the University Housing card.

At this point you will be on the Maintenance Request form and you will be able to enter a description of your request.

Housing Policies

Residents and staff are reminded to:

  • ensure doors close behind them
  • not allow unauthorized persons to follow in behind them
  • never allow access to anyone they do not know.

Persons requesting access should be directed to Resident Advisors or Housing Staff.

All residence hall maintenance is overseen by ISU Housing Maintenance.

Lock maintenance support is provided by ISU Housing (key code locks and traditional keys) and Public Safety (card swipe systems), as requested by Housing Maintenance staff.

Lock and security service calls are given top priority by both Housing Maintenance and Public Safety staff.

Residence Hall Front Desk Staff are:

  • overseen by the Resident Director of each complex
  • staffed by student Resident Assistants and Desk Assistants
  • responsible for assisting residents with problems, receiving and reporting maintenance issues and answering questions for residents and guests
  • provided with names and photographs of individuals who are banned from residence halls in order to recognize these individuals and notify Public Safety.

Door Locking Mechanisms:

  • All residence hall exterior doors are equipped with card swipe locking mechanisms.
  • All individual rooms are equipped with either traditional key locks or electronic keypad entry.
  • Doors in apartment residences are equipped with traditional key locks or electronic keypad entry.
  • Interior doors from public common areas are equipped with card swipe locks to limit access by non-residents. Public access areas include dining facilities and classrooms. Exterior doors leading to public areas are locked no later than 11 p.m. nightly.
  • Elevators in public areas of Rendezvous and Turner Hall are equipped with card swipes so that only residents and staff may call the elevator to a public area.
  • Public Safety officers conduct security patrols approximately 2 to 3 times per evening shift. Patrols check for unsecured doors, vandalism and general security of the exterior.

Unsecured doors are re-secured and reported to Housing staff immediately, and an interior patrol of the facility is conducted to ensure all is secure.

Unsecure exterior doors are usually the result of intentional disabling of mechanisms. It is a violation of the ISU Standards of Residence to disable locks or prop exterior doors open.

  • Regular interior security patrols are conducted by Public Safety approximately once per evening shift as duties allow.
  • Security cameras with live feeds back to Public Safety’s dispatch desk scan the exterior approaches to residence halls and residence hall parking lots.

ISU Housing Payment Policy

Residence Halls and Meal Plans:

Residence hall and meal plan payments are due by the dates as established in the tuition and fee schedule for ISU, unless the resident is paying through ISU's installment loan program. Please see our payment plan information and instructions for details on affordable payment plans, also referred to as installment loans.

For students not using the installment loan program, a $50 late fee is assessed on amounts not paid by Monday of the first week of classes each semester. An additional $50 late fee is assessed if fees are not paid by the tenth day of classes.

Late fees will only be waived upon approval of the Director of Housing.

During the second week of the semester, no-shows and meal plans will be processed and charges will be adjusted accordingly.

Payment plans may be accepted, but only when all awarded financial aid has been exhausted, including Pell grants, scholarships, subsidized loans, unsubsidized loans, Parent Plus loans, etc.

If the meal plan is not paid in full, and the student is not using an ISU installment loan, the meal plan will be deactivated until paid in full. The full meal plan price must be paid whether the meal plan is active or inactive.

If housing and/or meal plan charges are not paid in full by the time they are due, and no payment arrangements have been made, action may be taken up to and including eviction.


Rent is due on the first day of each month.

Unpaid rent will be assessed a fee of $25 on the sixth day of each month and $25 each week until paid.

Any resident receiving financial aid who has been past due in the previous semester’s charges may be required to pay the next semester's rent in full before the beginning of the semester.

Eviction proceedings begin on the twenty-fifth day of the month for which rent is not paid.

Service, Therapy, and Companion Animals

The University enforces a no-pets policy in its residence halls and University-owned apartments, subject to any exception required under applicable law to accept any service animal.

At its sole discretion and on a case-by-case basis, for therapy or companion purposes, the University also may permit any animal for which state or federal civil rights law does not create an exception.

Under its student conduct code and any applicable law, the University reserves a right to enforce any relevant rule that governs use of any service, therapy or companion animal.

The University retains discretion to deny any retroactive request for any service, therapy or companion animal.

The ADA Center has primary authority at the University to determine whether any student or household member has a privilege to house any service, therapy or companion animal.

In addition to other housing policies, all residents are responsible and held accountable for following the standards and policies outlined in our Standards of Residence.

All residents should download a PDF copy of the Standards of Residence for reference.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to housing staff.