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Standards of Residence

Residents should download a PDF copy of our Standards of Residence for reference throughout the year.

You are responsible and held accountable for understanding and abiding by all regulations and policies.

Dear Students,

The staff of University Housing would like to welcome you to our residence community here at Idaho State University.

We regard our residence community as an integral part of your educational experience and believe that living on campus will contribute to the personal growth and development, as well as contribute to the academic success of each individual.

It is the responsibility of each student to protect the dignity, rights, feelings, and property of fellow students and/or their families. We encourage you to review all published materials and agreements to familiarize yourself with the expectations you will be held accountable for while you reside on campus.

We hope that you will read these standards carefully and refer to them often; however, no guidebook can replace the personal contact you will have with the residence hall and apartment staff. As questions arise which may not be fully addressed within these pages, residents are encouraged to seek additional information from the appropriate housing staff member.

Again, welcome to Idaho State University.

Standards of Residence

By signing and delivering the housing agreement, the resident has agreed to abide by the laws of the United States of America, the State of Idaho, the City of Pocatello, Bannock County and all published policies and regulations established by the university governing the operation of the department of University Housing.

Please view our policies outlined on our website, and download a PDF copy of our Standards of Residence for your reference.

It is essential the resident be familiar with and understand these policies and regulations.

Each resident is expected to abide by the established policies and standards in order to assure maximum protection to university property, the lives of the individuals in housing and the personal belongings of each resident.

Idaho State University reserves the right not to enter into a contractual agreement if there is sufficient cause not to do so.

Idaho State University maintains housing for single students, married students and students with families.

In order to be eligible for on-campus housing, a student must be registered for six (6) credit hours a semester and working towards a degree. Further exceptions to the six (6) credit hour minimum will be granted only with written approval from the Director of Housing, or when the university is unable to fill on-campus housing and will be granted for only one (1) academic year, provided the student is registered and pursuing a degree.

Completed housing applications, agreements, and deposits must be sent to:

Idaho State University Housing
921 S. 8th Ave, Campus Box 8083
Idaho State University
Pocatello, Idaho 83209