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Expected Learning Outcomes

Housing students celebrating graduation

University Housing has the expectation that all students and student employees experience measurable learning form their experiences in the halls and apartments.  Following are the most basic of those learning outcomes:

Learning Objectives/Outcomes for Residents

  1. Developing Competence, evaluated through student involvement in the University/residence hall community, academic progress, and retention
  2. Emotional Intelligence/Development, evaluated through student involvement, conflict within the community, and the individuals’ roles in the community
  3. Mature Interpersonal Relationships, evaluated through assessing student community involvement, academic success, and relationships with family
  4. Academic Progress, evaluated through GPA, retention as well as communication, program attendance, and use of campus resources
  5. Well-rounded Experience (the “whole” student), evaluated using the wellness wheel, attendance at activities or programs, involvement, and feedback
  6. Satisfaction with Housing evaluated through annual Quality of Living Survey and resident retention to the halls