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Students in the College of Health engage challenging and contemporary curricula under the direction of highly skilled and nationally-recognized faculty. All programs in the COH are nationally accredited and graduates across all programs boast high employment/placement rates. College of Health graduates are highly regarded by their employers; many have become prominent leaders in their fields.

Academic programs within the College of Health represent some of the fastest growing occupations across the nation. Visit these programs' websites and learn why the College of Health has become a destination site for students pursuing careers in the allied health professions.


Text: Athletic training. Image: A group of people stand in a gym watching a man balancing on a band somewhat like a tightrope.A group of medical students around a table Text reads: Community and Public Health. Links to community and public health main pageImage: a dental student shining a light on a patient's face and preparing to put a mirror tool in her mouth. Text: Dental Hygiene. Links to program Home Page.

Image: A woman showing a young child a picture of a car. Text: Communications Sciences and Disorders. Links to program home page.Image: A group of people sitting in a room. A sign on the door in foreground reads:  Counseling or Meeting. Text reads: Counseling. Links to Program homepage.Image: A series of sandbags in the foreground, people in a boat in the background. text: Emergency Services. Links to program homepage.

A woman of medium-dark skin tone who is wearing gloves, goggles, and a lab coat. She is looking up at a petri dish. Text: Medical Lab Sciences. Picture links to program homepage.A woman chopping bell peppers. Text reads: Nutrition and Dietetics. Image links to nutrition and dietetics homepage.

Two women in scrubs and masks stand around a patient on a hospital bed. Text: Nursing. Image links to program homepage.A woman helping another woman on crutches down a flight of stairs. Text: Occupational Therapy. Image links to program homepage

Two students watching a man demonstrate physical therapy techniques on a patient. Text: Physical Therapy. Links to homepageTwo women prepare another woman to be scanned by an xray machine. Text: Radiographic Science. Links to program homepage.

A woman examining a patient using a medical device. Text: Physician Assistant Studies. Links to program homepage.A woman assisting a seated woman in stretching her leg. Text: Rehabilitative and Communication Sciences, PhD. Links to program  homepage.

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