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Medical Laboratory Science

The goal of the Medical Laboratory Science program is to provide students with the background and tools necessary to enter the medical laboratory science profession. The program addresses the broad array of responsibility, requisite education and experience necessary to succeed by providing preparation for entry and advancement at a variety of places and provide tools and opportunities for lifelong advancement and professional engagement.



Applications for the 2024-2025 cohort are now OPEN!

Applications for the 2024-2025 Cohort starting August/Fall semester 2024, will be open from October 2023-February 2024.

If you are an online student or are seeking special admissions consideration after the February 28th priority deadline,  please reach out to

Dr. Hulse at hulsrach@isu.edu.

The application cycle has been extended to April 30th!


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Currently there is a national shortage of certified MLS's. The majority of ISU's successful MLS graduates have multiple opportunities for employment upon completion of the program. Professions associated with laboratory professionals include: clinical service, research, sales, and education. A certified MLS is qualified for a variety of employment opportunities, including: reference laboratory, public/private hospital, physician's office laboratory, and management.

Program Outcomes

  • PASS RATE (ASCP Board of Certificaiton Exam)
  • Cohort Year Ending in Pass Rate (%)
    2016 96%
    2017 81%
    2018 84%
    2019 94%
    2020 *83%
    2021 *83%
    2022 85%
    2023 **TBD (currently 85%)

    *Cohort affected by COVID restrictions.

    ** This rate is TBD (incomplete). Data is collected for one year past graduation, and final percentages will be reported each August.

  • COMPLETION RATE-  students who began the final half of the MLS program that graduated
  • Cohort Year Ending in  Graduation Rate (%)
    2019 100%
    2020 100%
    2021 100%
    2022 100%
    2023 98%
  • EMPLOYMENT/PLACEMENT RATE- within 12 months of graduation
  • Cohort Year Ending In  Placement Rate (%)
    2019 100%
    2020 100%
    2021 100%
    2022 100%
    2023 TBD (currently 95%)**

** This rate is TBD (incomplete). Data is collected for one year past graduation, and final percentages will be reported each August.

Program Accreditation

Idaho State University's MLS Program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

5600 N River Road Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018

Program Level Student Outcomes:

Upon completion of the ISU Medical Laboratory Science program, students should be able to:

  1. Develop, establish, oversee and perform the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical phases of testing on body fluids, cells and other specimens.
  2. Ensure appropriate laboratory utilization to optimize full value patient outcomes.
  3. Apply statistical analysis of data for use in laboratory epidemiology, examining the relationships of tests to treatment decisions, and to health care outcomes.
  4. Establish and use quality assurance and performance measurements to develop solutions to problems and to assure the validity and accuracy of information concerning laboratory data, generated both within and external to the laboratory.
  5. Advocate for patients by utilizing the results of laboratory diagnostic procedures and employing algorithms to achieve optimal, full value patient outcomes.
  6. Comply with regulations and guidelines of relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies.
  7. Implement laws, regulations and accrediting standards within the operating requirements of the organization to minimize risks and maximize patient outcomes.




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