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Clinical Affiliates

About Clinical Affiliates

Contractual arrangements are made with a clinical sites specifying duties assumed by each party in agreement with the NAACLS guidelines. Decisions about content of the clinical experience are made in conjunction with the clinical faculty. A list of clinical experience sites is available. Clinical site arrangements are made by the program in consultation with clinical site coordinators. Even though students may get the clinical practice at a variety of sites, a minimum list of experiences is provided to affiliate sites along with the ASCP consensus report for entry level knowledge and practice.

What you need to know as a MLS student

ISU MLS faculty are responsible for setting up student clinical locations. This information will be given to the student after admittance into the program.

Students may be required to travel for clinical appointments.

In order for a student to attend a clinical site, the following must be met:

  • Pass a background check
  • Submit documents of vaccinations
  • Show current CPR certificate
  • Adhere to confidentiality policies
  • *Certain sites may require additional information

The Internship checklist is the document that will be completed during clinical rotations. This document must be returned to the MLS program director at the end of the 480 hours of clinical rotations and is required to provide verification of student eligibility for taking professional certification examinations.

Assessment Forms

The following forms are for participating Idaho State University Medical Laboratory Science Program Clinical Affiliates

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