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The emergency services sector represents the nation's first line of defense in the prevention and mitigation of risk from both natural and human-caused disasters and emergencies. The primary mission of the emergency services sector is to save lives, protect property, assist communities impacted by disasters and aid in recovery from emergencies.

Contact Us

Krystal Lyman, Education Coordinator & Academic Degree Advisor 
(208) 373-1760,

Michael Mikitish, Department Chair, Clinical Assistant Professor                      
(208) 373-1764,

Laurie Holien, Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program Director/Assoc Professor                        
(208) 373-1761,                                                                           

Dave Hanneman, Fire Sercvies Administration Program Director/Clinical Assistant Professor                        
(208) 373-1961,

Rod Hackwith, Paramedic Sciences Program Director                        
(208) 373-1879,

Monica Ford, Financial Technician                         
(208) 373-1759, 

Michelle Campbell, Administrative Assistant II                         
(208) 373-1763, 






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