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Ambulance Personnel in training

Bachelor of Health Science
Concentration in Emergency Medical Services

The Emergency Services Department offers the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences degree with a concentration in Emergency Medical Services (EMS). This concentration meets the needs of students who already have an associate’s degree in Paramedic Science, students interested in Emergency related career fields, or as an option for pre-PA and pre-med students. Students may take many of the courses either in the classroom or online.  Regardless of residency, all online classes are charged at the affordable in-state tuition rate.

This concentration offers three different tracks:


• focus on the operation and management of the EMS agency


• preparing students to teach in the EMS field


• provides students with a curriculum that prepares them for graduate clinical programs such as Physician Assistant or Medical School


Students who have already earned an Associate of Science degree will complete the Core Requirements for the B.S. in Health Sciences (20-24 credits) and the three required courses for the EMS Concentration:

EMS 3300 - EMS Operations and Management 3 credits
EMS 3335 – Emergency Medical Services Administration 3 credits
EMS 4409 – EMS Internship 3-6 credits

They will then take a minimum of 9 credits of electives from their chosen track.

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