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CITI stands for Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative. CITI started in 2000, as a collaborative effort to develop a web-based training program for university personnel and students. It now serves institutions worldwide, and covers a variety of research topics.

Who Needs to Take CITI Training?

ISU researchers may be required to take one or more of the CITI training modules.

These include:

  • All persons performing research involving human subjects must take the Human Subjects Research module(s). Certification is for five years.
  • All persons performing research or instruction involving live vertebrate animals must take the “Working with the IACUC” module - either student or researcher (for PIs); other modules may also be required.
  • Anyone advising students doing work involved in either of the above activities.
  • Anyone with a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for a project that pays students must have those students complete the Responsible Conduct of Research module in their discipline, aka “The RCR Course” (pick for engineering, social sciences or other discipline).
  • Faculty and students in the Health Professions are all required to take the Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS) Course annually.

As used above, the term “researcher” includes not only PIs, but any faculty, student, technician, and/or support staff who directly interacts with the research subject as part of their project duties. It does not include someone who simply performs a statistical analysis of de-identified data.

Even if not required, faculty/researchers may wish to take the “RCR Course” mentioned above, for their own professional development.

All Lead Principal Investigators, Principal Investigators and Investigators (Cayuse Proposal designations) are required to complete the CITI Research Conflict of Interest module prior to the release of awarded funds.  No funding index will be activated until this module is completed successfully.

Please Note: Persons under 18 years of age must seek parental permission for creation of an account and subsequent use of the CITI Program’s materials. CITI Program accounts are not available to persons under 13 years of age. Persons creating CITI Program accounts from its website or through organizational portals agree as a condition of use that they are: (a) 18 years of age or older; or (b) if under 18, have parental permission to access CITI Program materials, and are over 13 years of age.

Basic CITI User Information

  1. Register for CITI online training at CITI's website -- an email account is preferred but not required.
  2. In the “Select Your Institution or Organization” drop-down box, type in "Idaho State University".
  3. Create your own Username and password;
  4. Select "Add a Course" from the main menu;
  5. Proceed to the training.


Getting Started in CITI and the Getting Started Video are helpful tools to those new to CITI. 

ISU’s Office for Research is automatically notified (overnight) when you successfully complete a course.

Course completion certification last four years, except that the HIPS course must be taken annually.

CITI automatically contacts you by e-mail 90 days prior to the expiration date of your course certification.


Please contact Tom Bailey at (208) 282-2179 

via email at