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ISU Procedure for Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

This procedure applies to the operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) by faculty, staff, and students in connection with classroom activities, teaching, research, outreach, and other institutional uses, both indoor and outdoor.

All UAS operations performed in connection with Idaho State University (ISU) activities must be conducted in compliance with these procedures, as well as applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

ISU faculty, staff, and students seeking to operate UAS for ISU education/course-related purposes must follow the Federal Aviation Administration guidance hosted in their Policy Library. Specifically, read the FAA guidance on Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Educational Users

Two rules apply:

Part 107 (14 CFR part 107) – the primary law for flying small drones (less than 55 pounds) in the United States. You can fly under part 107 rules for many reasons, including work or business, recreation, education, or for public safety missions.

There is also a statutory provision (P.L. 115-254, Section 350 (PDF), as amended by P.L. 116-283, Section 10002) that clarifies that education and research uses of drones for educational purposes can be operated under the rules for recreational flyers. This includes programs for institutes of higher education, programs run by JROTC, and educational programs chartered by a recognized Community Based Organization.

All UAS operated by faculty, staff, and students in connection with ISU research-related activities must be operated by (or if enrolled in a UAS academic program, under the direction of) an individual with the requisite certifications and experience necessary to conduct the UAS operation lawfully and safely pursuant to ISU’s blanket Certificate of Authorization (COA).

All UAS use by faculty, staff, and students in connection with ISU department-related activities must have a Part 107 certified pilot and follow all Part 107 regulations.

All faculty, staff, and students operating ISU-owned UAS for either education/course-related or research-related activities for a third party (internship, externship, or under contract, whether or not there is compensation) must abide by Part 107.

For any flight taking place on non-ISU owned property, whether for education/course-related purposes or for research, written permission from the owner must be in hand at the time of operation of the UAS. Be prepared to provide this if requested by ISU, for example, to ISU Public Safety.

All UAS owned by ISU must be registered with the FAA and have insurance through the State of Idaho Department of Risk Management.
The ISU department that owns the UAS is responsible for the cost of such coverage.
Contact Risk Management at (208) 282-5741 to obtain insurance.



               2) DAMAGE TO THE NON-ISU OWNED UAS.

ISU-related UAS activity taking place in foreign nations or operated by foreign nationals must follow export control regulations and ISUPP 7040, Export Control and Working with Foreign Nationals Policy.

Violations of this procedure will be handled in accordance with ISU policies and procedures, and may include disciplinary proceedings.

For questions regarding UAS operations and for project advice, contact Dr. Donna Delparte, at delpdonn@isu.edu

For questions regarding this procedure, contact Dave Harris, at daveharris@isu.edu 

A pdf copy of this procedure is available:  ISU Procedure for Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems