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Teaching Mathematical Thinking

MTI Equivalent
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Online TMT Course Information

In response to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked to provide a fully online version of the Teaching Mathematical Thinking course for only this year. We have received approval to facilitate this temporary model. Due to overwhelming response, TMT registration for the online course has closed.

Course Completion

You will need to complete all online assignments by July 3. Once you have completed all the required work, the final module, Course Completion, will be opened. You will be able to download a course completion certificate and receive instructions to request your transcript. Participants must begin by June 15, or we will assume you have dropped the course.

Module Layout

  • There are 10 modules that need to be completed in order.
  • Each module will take approximately 4.5 hours to complete.
  • This is a 3 credit course which requires a minimum of 45 classroom hours.
  • Once a module is completed, the next one will open.
  • There are a couple exceptions but generally each part of a module will look like this…
    • Module Reading with annotations
    • Interactive Presentations
    • Module Math Task- typically through Desmos
    • Reflection Prompt: Typed/recorded post in response to a question based on the Interactive Presentations, tasks, and readings

Course Syllabus 

Due to overwhelming response, TMT registration for the online course has closed.

2020 Blackfoot

Location: Blackfoot

Emphasis: Meets recertification requirements for all teachers at all grades

Instructors: Jason Libberton, Veronica Blackham

Dates:  July 13-17, 2020  8:00am-5:00pm

Cost: $165 

Meals: 1 hour lunch break (lunch not provided)

Due to COVID-19, Registration is on hold.

NOTE: We want to offer the TMT as a face-to-face course in Blackfoot in July. However, we can't commit until the COVID-19 social restrictions are lifted. You have the option of signing up for the Emergency Online TMT  or holding out in the hopes that we'll be able to offer the face-to-face course in July. However, if the July face-to-face has to be canceled, we won't be offering a replacement or rescheduled course. 

If you are still interested in taking the TMT course in person in Blackfoot, please take this survey. Thanks!


This course provides an opportunity to study fundamental mathematical theory underlying the content area of number and operation and structures of algebraic thinking. Topics will include: meanings of operations and how they relate to one another, computation within the number system as a foundation for algebra, the use of mathematical models, and the understanding student thinking. Emphasis will be given to developing ideas about multiplicative thinking, proportional reasoning, and algebraic reasoning.

Teaching Mathematical Thinking is a three (3) credit course that will be offered year round in various location throughout Regions 4, 5, and 6. Courses for every grade level: elementary, middle, and high school have been developed to ensure teachers have the tools necessary to educate their students and ensure they are successful in math. Below is a schedule for all TMT courses currently being offered through Idaho State University.

TMT courses offered by the Idaho State University Regional Math Center are funded by the Idaho State Department of Education and offered by Idaho Regional Math Centers to satisfy the MTI Course requirement for Idaho Teacher (re)certification.

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