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The College of Business at Idaho State University is home to two certificates, seven undergraduate programs, plus an online completion degree and three graduate programs. Each program is listed below with a brief description. Click each program's title to view its homepage.


Undergraduate Programs


Our accounting program is widely known for our student's above average pass rate on the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) exam. Through multiple Professional Development opportunities, real-world projects and a specifically design curriculum, students graduate well-prepared for entering the workforce or continuing into the MAcc program. 

What will happen next in the economy? Financiers, politicians, and journalists all turn to economists for the answer. Here, students study how low resources are allocated to maximize well-being, why prices fluctuate and where and why individuals spend money. For students, an economics degree opens up a variety of career options across various fields. 

The finance program is great for anyone interested in analyzing finances or forecasting and evaluating financial performance. Majors gain experience in stocks, financial planning, commercial banking and even entrepreneurship and corporate finance. Overall, graduates gain the invaluable skill of understanding how to manage money in life and business. 

The general business major is offered to provide students with a broader option within the world of business. The general business major provides a flexible breadth of knowledge in modern business subjects and establishes a strong foundation for those who expect to be doing a little bit of everything- from accounting, finance, marketing to management.

This discipline studies the traditional business concepts of management, marketing, human resources, finance and economics within the unique realm of the healthcare industry. Here, students gain the leadership and administrating skills to become healthcare leaders and executives. 

Do you want to own your own business someday? are you interested in individual and group behavior within an organization? Management is like the sociology and psychology of the business world. Students learn about human behaviors in an organization and how to most effectively appropriate those behaviors for a well-functioning operation.

Marketing is a great major for the creative individual who enjoys the study and understanding of influences on consumer decisions and interests. Marketing leverages creative tools and materials to attract the consumers' attention and influence decisions. Students enjoy communication, research, tracking and analyzing metrics and strategically planning creative solutions.  

The Bachelor of Science in General Business is an online completion degree designed for students that have already earned an Associate of Science or Associate of Arts from another institution. This degree can be declared by meeting with an advisor in the College of Business and can be completed on a part-time basis completely online. 


Graduate Programs


The Master of Business Administration prepares students for the next level of professional understanding of business concepts. Students will dive into the fundamental principles of all areas of business, utilizing case studies and real world applications to develop an advanced understanding of the inner workings of all areas of organizational operation. 

The Master of Accountancy is uniquely designed to prepare students specifically for the four parts of the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) exam. Taught by Ph.D.'s and professors with years of corporate experience, each section of the MAcc focuses on areas such as tax, tax law, governmental and non-profit accounting, auditing, corporate tax, and fraud.  

ISU is offering the state's first Master of Healthcare Administration degree. Designed under the accreditation standards of CAHME, this new program is intended to become the region's most highly regarded healthcare administration program. Through the MHA, students will be prepared for an executive career in the management and leadership of the healthcare industry.


Certificate Programs