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Major in Management

Do you want to learn how to become a great leader that people are eager to follow? Do you want to learn how to gain traction and influence to move up in your career, start a thriving business or become more empowered? Do you want to learn how to help manage situations as a team member and gain influence on your superiors? Do you want to gain the means to help accomplish your goals and dreams? If you said yes to any or all of these questions then management may be the major for you. Our program will help you to leverage your skills, and the skills of others, find a lucrative career path and accomplish your goals.

Management is a great major for the entrepreneurial-minded or those with an interest in individual and group behavior within an organization. Management is a multidisciplinary field, covering information within the sociology and psychology of the business world as well as the operational side of a business. Students learn about human behaviors in an organization and how to most effectively appropriate those behaviors for a well-functioning operation.

As a management major, students also have the opportunity to take advantage of the Flexible BBA, allowing them to double major in management, marketing, economics or finance with little to no extra courses. 

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Management Snapshot

Our management program allows students to dive into the operations and managerial aspects of local organizations’ operations through hands-on consulting and research projects.

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Learn more about what a degree in management entails along with how students can earn a double major in management, marketing or finance with no extra courses.

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Our Faculty

The management department is home to a group of outstanding and nationally recognized professors, all with unique and hands-on teaching approaches.

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Alumni & Careers

Where could a degree in management take you? Learn more about the salary outlook, potential careers and where our alumni have landed.