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Major in Finance

Finance is a quantitative discipline, requiring an understanding of accounting and economics. Students entering the finance field, typically have an interest in understanding financial analysis, forecasting and evaluating financial performance. As a major in the finance department, students gain hands-on experience in stocks, financial planning, commercial banking and even entrepreneurship and corporate finance. Overall, graduates gain the invaluable skill of understanding how to manage money in life and business. Students can also easily double major in finance, economics, marketing or management with little to no extra courses. Learn more about the Flexible BBA Curriculum.

The College of Business’s finance program puts a heavy emphasis on experiential learning opportunities from investing real money to simulated processes and competitions. Here, students have the chance to immerse their education in hands-on activities in the classroom and within extracurricular involvement. 

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Finance Snapshot

Our finance majors have numerous opportunities both in the classroom and in extra curricular activities to gain hands-on experience in the field.

Current Catalog


Learn more about what a degree in finance entails along with how students can earn a double major in finance, marketing or management with no extra courses.

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Our Faculty

The finance department is home to faculty specializing in various areas of the financial field, get to know our professors and their teaching/research interests.

Career Path Internships

Alumni & Careers

What can you do with a degree in finance? Learn more about the salary outlook, potential careers and where our alumni have landed.