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Walter Brown Center for Sales Excellence

When you picture a salesperson, you might think of someone who stops door-to-door or business-to-business offering the benefits of a certain product or service to potential buyers. But sales is so much more than that. Sales is at the heart of modern business no matter what that business may be. 

Whether you are a scientist, seeking a grant to continue your research; a healthcare provider offering services to new patients; a pharmaceutical company developing a vaccine; a farmer cultivating crops; or a manager of a sports team - every field requires the use of sales principles. The scientist must sell the viability of their research to gain the grant, healthcare providers must show why they are the safest and most caring option for practitioners in the area. All of these fields require the sale and pitching of their area to succeed.

That is where the principles and skills of professional sales comes in. The College of Business offers an array of opportunities for students to learn the art and science of sales within the Walter Brown Center for Sales Excellence. Students in any major can earn their professional sales certificate with just three courses, compete in our Biannual Sales Competition for cash prizes or participate in one of our regularly scheduled Professional Sales Speaker Series events. Our sales program is backed by the expertise of our Sales Advisory Board which is comprised of impressive sales professionals from around the country and a variety of industries, including Idaho State alumnus and former NFL player, Merril Hoge.

Sales Certificate

Any student in the University can pursue this three course program to gain more skill in sales.

Sales Competition 

Open to any major, the Sales Competition gives students the opportunity to practice their skills for cash prizes.  

Advisory Board

Made of up of experienced executives, the Sales Advisory Board provides the College with insight for the program. 


Sales Talk features sales people in all walks of life and across multiple organizations. Each episode features a sales person sharing their tips, experiences, advice and career opportunities in sales.


This course elevates your sales skills to become certified as a Master Professional Salesperson. 

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