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Leadership Center

The Idaho State University Leadership Center is how teams learn and grow together. Whether our top educators come to you or you utilize the state-of-the-art classrooms inside the College of Business, the Leadership Center is here to make your organization the best it can be.

The Leadership Center creates custom training to address skill gaps and the needs of your organization, regardless of size or industry. We offer everything from one-day trainings on specific topics to multi-day trainings covering a range of leadership and business topics. Pricing varies depending upon length of training and number of participants.

College of Business Building

Learn from Top Educators

Our faculty have been trained by some of the most prestigious institutions in the country, including Gonzaga, Oklahoma State University, Rugers, and Auburn University. They're skilled at building upon existing and emerging theories and demonstrating how those theories can be applied in a practical business context. They are also active researchers and have been published in the Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Review and The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management.

"This was a wonderful learning [opportunity] like I've never experienced. Great teaching, great atmosphere - I'm looking forward to growing and getting [my] untapped potential to come out!"

- Alex D. | Sales Summit | Consolidated Supply Co.

Sales Training

Sales training through the Walter Brown Center for Sales Excellence provides an area to develop sales skills and enhance personal branding. It’s also a place to construct, practice, and train individual and team sales presentations, international sales competitions, interviews and proposals. Within the 28 seat state-of the-art classroom there is a networking area and sales role play recording studio. Our sales program is also backed by the expertise of our Sales Advisory Board, which is composed of impressive sales professionals from around the country and a variety of industries. For more information on sales trainings, or to book a consultation, contact John at johnney@isu.edu.

Interested in a graduate degree? Explore our flexible and affordable master's degree options here. 

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