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Financial Literacy Certificate

Professor Byers writing on a whiteboard during a finance lecture

Grow Your Financial Savvy

Managing personal finances is not always something that is heavily covered either in high school or in the university setting. Even as a graduate student, you may undergo analyses of complex financial concepts dealing with corporations and business, but you may never discuss the importance of your own 401K and other retirement options. You may never discuss insurance, tax preparation and buying a home. Often times, these are all things that individuals learn as they go.  

Financial literacy is an invaluable skill for any individual to have. Whether it's managing your own finances, owning or managing a business, or building your professional expertise and credentials- having the understanding of basic and more complex financial concepts will make a big impact on your life, future and your career. The Financial Literacy Program at the College of Business offers Idaho State students and community members the opportunity to build this understanding through our nine-credit (three course) Financial Literacy Certificate and our monthly Bengal Financial Literacy Radio Show. 

Anyone can enroll in the program, whether you are a student at Idaho State or not. Listen to Dean, Dr. Shane Hunt discuss the goals and background of the program on our radio show; click here to listen.

 Just Three Courses 

Personal Finance

Students will learn to evaluate and analyze personal and public information and databases to develop financial literacy for budgeting, credit, borrowing, planning, insurance and investing. Examine financial literacy within the larger context of the regulatory environment, society, data integrity and ethics. This course also satisfies Objective 8 of the Gen Ed Requirements.

Financial Concepts

This course covers applications of basic financial decision-making tools that emphasize fundamental financial concepts and literacy. Topics include financial statement analysis, time value of money, capital budgeting, risk and return, the cost of capital, valuation, investing fundamentals, raising capital and the operation of financial markets.

Your Choice

For the third course, students will have the option to choose from growing their understanding in real estate or entrepreneurial finance. The real estate finance course will cover valuing property and methods used in financing construction and development. While the entrepreneurial course develops managerial skills around financing sources available to entrepreneurs.

Get Started

The Financial Literacy Certificate is open to current Idaho State students in any major as well as the public. If you are currently an Idaho State Student the certificate can be added as a secondary curriculum to your current major. Current students should talk with one of our College of Business advisors to get started with the program. Members of the public can sign up for the certificate program through the Continuing Education Workforce Training (CEWT) program. Follow the links below to get started.

Orin C. Smith Global Finance Lab

Headshot of Orin Smith

This modern space with a trading room feel allows College of Business students to use, learn and apply current, in-demand finance and analytical tools. Students utilize the room as part of the College’s Bengal Student Managed Investment Fund. There is also a 40’ stock ticker featuring only publicly traded companies Idaho State University College of Business graduates have worked for. The lab also contains a 28 seat state-of-the-art classroom where many upper division Finance classes, as well as Financial Literacy Certificate courses, take place.

The College of Business thanks Michael C. Ruettgers for making this space possible.

Interested in learning more about the space or taking classes? Email cobadvis@isu.edu or visit isu.edu/cob/programs.

Bengal Financial Literacy Radio Show

The Bengal Financial Literacy show is hosted by our own finance professor, Chris Chatwin. This monthly show discusses basic financial topics to help educate and spread awareness about every-day financial issues. Each episode, Chris welcomes guests from various fields including: insurance, tax, banking and more to help improve financial awareness.

Join us the the second Monday of every month on KISU-FM 91 or follow the link below to listen online.