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Why You Need a Break

Two students lounging on the Quad

Now is the time that every student waits for- summer break! Store away that backpack, tuck away the textbooks and kick back and relax. But why is summer break so loved and considered important for students and their learning? There are many reasons why taking a break is crucial for getting through school.

Prevents burnout and reduces stress

School can become stressful as we are overloaded with assignments, exams and more. If you keep pushing yourself to do more and more work without taking a break, you could quickly experience burnout. Therefore, your motivation and productivity will decrease, preventing you from finishing your tasks at a steady rate and creating thoughtful work. Your health can also be impacted negatively. For example, you could lose sleep from stress or become depressed over your input coming out with not so great output. By taking a break, you can help relieve your stress and prevent that burnout from happening. If you are currently experiencing burnout, you can read our blog on how to get through it. 

Allows you to focus on other things

Have you been wanting to do something but cannot because you are too busy with school? Taking a break gives you time to do it. You can take this time to do hobbies, travel, spend time with family and friends and more. Many students like to spend their break working an internship or job, which will help them gain more experience in both a career and in schooling. You could also spend this time putting what you have learned into practice, build onto it or learn something in addition that you did not get to in past semesters. Just because you are taking a break from classes does not mean you need to take one from learning. Doing a bit more learning during summer can help keep your brain stimulated. However, it is probably best not to overdo it.

Come back to school ready and prepared

Since you have taken a break from school over the summer, you might feel more prepared and ready for the Fall semester because you had a moment to relax and recharge for a few months. If you’ve happened to learn something new, you can take this opportunity to use it in school or share with others your experience. It can be exciting to come back too because you get to visit with all of your professors and friends again. 

Taking a break is essential for your learning and during the summer season is a great time for it. By taking a break, you can prevent burnout and reduce stress, focus on other things and enable yourself to come back to the Fall semester ready and prepared. Take this time to explore all the possibilities and enjoy yourself and your break.