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How to Stay Productive During the Summer

A student on the Quad throwing a frisbee

We’re well into summer, and your productivity may be waning (or let’s be honest, nonexistent). Although this is the time to take a break, that does not mean it should be spent binging shows and scrolling through social media. So how can you keep yourself busy this summer? We have come up with some options to give you an idea.

Learn something new

Is there something you have always wanted to learn? Well summer break is a good time to do it. With a lot of time on your hands, you can work towards learning something new. Whatever you want to learn can be a big or small commitment. For example, learning a new language might take longer than learning how to swim. You do not necessarily have to focus on one thing at a time, you can spend your summer trying to learn many things. Expanding your knowledge can also help keep you prepare for the next semester by keeping yourself in a learning headspace and routine. Plus, you are able to become a more well-rounded person and the skills you learn could be helpful for school or work. 

Set goals and work to accomplish them

A goal can be anything you want to achieve. It could be a goal for school for the next semester like improving your grades or something more personal to you like a fitness goal. This can also coincide with learning something new. Maybe you want to learn an instrument and create a goal to practice for an hour a day. You can turn anything you desire into a goal and it is uniquely for you. Just make sure you are actively trying to accomplish it. 

Get more active outdoors

With the warm weather, this is a nice season to motivate you to get more active. We often spend a lot of time indoors and going outside more can help improve your physical and mental health. There are a ton of outdoor activities to do. Not only work out, but other activities like swimming, bike riding, outdoor games like cornhole or horseshoes and more. If you want to do something more lowkey, you can do things like reading a book, gardening or go for a walk. 


Did not get the chance to do spring cleaning? Summer is a good time to do cleaning too. Not just in the sense of a deep clean like dusting and scrubbing away dirt, but to declutter. A lot of people love to have garage/yard sales in the summer to try to get rid of all the clutter they have stored away. If you are not wanting to run one because they can be a lot of work, you can donate everything at your nearest donation center. 

Find an internship or job

You can spend summer break working an internship or job too. Some internships and jobs are summer season exclusive, meaning they are temporary positions meant to be done in between the spring and fall semesters for students. You can also try finding a position you can still work during school. Read how to find and secure an internship on our webpage

These were just a few examples of how you can stay productive during summer break. The opportunities are endless and you should choose what will best occupy your time. Have a great summer!