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Advice for Move-In Day

A group of students moving into their dorms

School is just around the corner, which means move-in day is too. Stressed or worried about moving? It can be stressful, especially if this is your first time moving away from your parents. That is why we have come up with a list of advice to help ease your tension over moving. 

Gather and plan all the details

The first step is to gather and plan out everything. You need to know your move-in date, the location and what the parking is like (i.e. where to park, if a parking permit is needed and where to get said permit). You could also spend time figuring out other things like how long will the trip be, pit stops along the way, how you will transport everything and more. Once you learn all the details, it is now time to start planning. Plan out what vehicle you will take for transport (just your car, help from family and friends, renting a moving truck, etc.), when to pack, when you will leave and anything else you find important. 

Create a list

The next step is to create a list of what you need to bring. Try creating two of them with one being what you need to pack and the other of what you can buy once you get there and settled in. With what you need to pack, do not forget to keep in mind the change in seasons. You will want items for both cold and hot weather, so keep items like jackets and coats, different shoes, hats and others in mind. Items like cleaning products and food are some examples of what you can buy once you are all moved in.

Pack the essentials

It is probably wise to pack more on the light side. The more you pack, the more you need to move with you. You can only take as much that can fit in your vehicle. It can be easy to want to overpack but try to only stick to essentials. Remember, some items might be more convenient to wait and buy once you are there. 

Communicate with new roommates

Introduce yourself to your new dorm roommates and always try to have good communication. Coordinate with each other over things like cooking, cleaning and buying items. Create a routine and schedule together. Take the time to get to know each other, making friends is a part of the college experience! For more information and tips on how to live with a roommate successfully, you can read our blog

Prepare to say goodbye and coordinate staying in touch

Living on your own is a great new experience, but it can be scary too, especially if this is your first time moving away from your parents, your city/state or even your country if you are an international student. Take the moment to say your goodbyes to friends and family and try to stay in touch. There is a chance you could also start to experience homesickness as you go through school. If you happen to start feeling homesick, you can read our blog to learn how to overcome it. 

Good luck on your ISU adventure!