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Accounting, Economics, and Finance


Dr. Steve Byers

Professor of Finance, College of Business


  • Corporate Finance

  • Investments

  • Executive Training

  • Financial Institutions and Bank Loans

  • Business Valuation


Courses Available: 

Introduction to Corporate Finance

Basics of Stock Investing and Financial Markets

Mathematics in Action: The World of Finance


Steven Byers

Dawn Konicek, M.B.A. C.P.A.

Clinical Assistant Professor of Accounting, College of Business


  • Tax and Financial Accounting

Courses Available:

Accounting Concepts

Dawn Konicek

Dr. Ray Rodriguez

Associate Professor of Accounting & Department Chair, College of Business


  • Tax
  • Cost Accounting
  • International Business

Courses Available:

Ratio Analysis

Ray Rodriguez

Dr. Tesa Stegner

Professor of Economics, College of Business


  • Economic Education

  • Environmental Economics


Courses Available: 

Fairness / Ultimatum Game

Game Theory / Prisoners Dilemma

Product Differentiation

Market for Lemons / Asymmetric Information

Public Goods

Macroeconomic Monopoly


Tesa Stegner