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How to login to TerminalFour

Content purge

Inactive (deleted) content is purged from the system each semester.

Create a section

How to create a new section (web page) for your site.

Creating Content

Add text and images to your site by using content types.

Creating Links

Add links to your content - section links, content links, and external links.

Delete Content

Removing content from the website (not permanent)

Edit Page Title

The page title is what is displayed in the tab of the browser. Search engines use the title to categorize the page.

Image Description

How to add a description of images you upload. Image descriptions are required to meet accessibility standards.

Media Snippets

A snippet is a chunk of code stored in the media library that can add content to your page.

Page Description

A Page Description is a short snippet of text that describes the page's content. It is used by search engines to categorize pages.

Change Page Layouts

What they are and how to change them

Replace a PDF

Replace an existing PDF in the media library with an updated version.

Preview Content

How to preview pages and content before publishing.

Publish Content

Publishing moves content from TerminalFour to the website

Reorder Sections

Change the order in which sections appear in the site structure and in the navigation.

Resize Images

Change the size of your image to meet guidelines.

Sidebar content

Creating a sidebar for your page(s) and adding content

Site Structure

The site structure shows all of your pages and allows you to manage them


How to create a slider using Slider slide and Slider wrapper

Staff directory layout

Change the way your Staff directory entries are displayed by using a helper section and the Staff directory layout generator

T4 Fundamentals

The fundamental concepts that need to be understood when working in TerminalFour (T4).

Text Editor

Features available in the text editor and tips on using it

Upload Media

How to add an image or document to your Media library folder.


Understand how URLs are created and how to change the URL of your page.

Web Accessibility

How to make your site compliant with rules about visually impaired users.