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Web Accessibility

A quick guide to accessibility basics

Colors and web accessibility

Certain combinations of our official colors do meet accessibility standards for color blindness or other visual impairments.


Headings are useful for structure and scannability. They are necessary for accessibility and SEO.

Image Description (alt text)

How to add a description of images you upload. Image descriptions are required to meet accessibility standards.

Tables and Accessibility

Tables must be made in a certain way to meet accessibility standards.

Writing link text

Link text should tell users what will happen when they click on the link.


WAVE Accessibility Checker
Enter the URL of your page and WAVE will identify accessibility issues.
Available as a browser extention.

WEBAIM Color Checker
Enter 2 colors and it will tell you if there is enough contrast between them.

Explanation of headings and example of heading hierarchy.

Alternative Text
Explanation of Alt text and multiple examples.

Contrast and Color Accessibility
Explanation of color contrast rules.

Creating Accessible Tables
All of the rules about making tables and examples.