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Idaho State University

Web Accessibility

A quick guide to accessibility basics

Use headings to organize the structure of your content

A user can ask a screen reader to jump form heading to heading. Organized headings will help them find what they are looking for faster.

In most content types you have the ability to create headings.
The options are typically Heading 1 - Heading 4.

  • Heading 1 should only be used once per page.
    It should be the first heading on the page.
  • Avoid skipping heading levels ( don't go from Heading 1 to a Heading 3 without using a Heading 2), as screen reader users may wonder if content is missing.
  • Heading 1-6 should only be used for actual headings.
    Do not turn long sentences or paragraphs into headings because you want the text to be big.


Include description text for images

Description text will help a screen reader user understand the images that are on a page.

Text for the Description could be:

  • A description of what is in the image - e.g. 'A study group in the library'
  • The name of the person if it is a portrait
  • All the text that may be on the image

Do not include phrases such as 'image of' or 'picture of'. The screen reader will announce that it is an image.

Examples of image descriptions


Give links descriptive and unique names

The text of a link should tell the user what will happen when they click on it.

A user can ask the screen reader to jump from link to link. If a link text is 'click here' the user will not understand the purpose of the link.

Avoid these phrases in link text:

  • click here
  • here
  • more

Do not use the URL as the text for the link
The screen reader will read every number, letter, and punctuation mark separately.


For more information about the Carolingian Renaissance, click here.

Learn more about the Carolingian Renaissance.

More information about the Carolingian Renaissance


You can find many options for food on campus at

You can find many options for food on campus.

The dining website has all of the options for food on campus.


Be careful with color contrast

Users with color blindness and other visual impairments may not be able to distinguish between certain colors.

The Roarange colors and white should not be used together.

Roarange #f47920 and Light Roarange #f69240 do not have enough contrast to be distinguished from white.

Do not use Roarange text on a white background

Some people can't see this text

Do not use white text on a Roarange background

Some people can't see this text


Use tables for tabular data, not for layout

A screen reader will tell a user how many rows and columns are in a table and read each cell.
Screen reader users will be confused if the table does not contain tabular data.

Tables must have column and/or row headings

If you create a table using the text editor in Terminalfour, it will automatically create heading cells that you can rename to match your table content.