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Image Description

How to add a description of images you upload. Image descriptions are required to meet accessibility standards.

When you upload an image, put the image description in the Description field.

The description field text goes into what is called the image alt tag.
The alt tag is used is used by screen readers and search engines to give the image context.

Highlight of the media description field



Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi

The 4 pillars on Red Hill

Students at the Red Hill Pillars


The Pillars on Red Hill

Glow Bowling at New Student Orienation



Glow Bowling at New Student Orientation


Glow Bowling at the Student Union

Text on the Image

It's best to avoid text on images. Screen readers and search engines can't read it.

If there is a small amount of text, it should be put in the description.

Live on campus It's not too late to apply for housing

Description: Live on campus. It's not too late to apply for housing.


Image of a Poster

If you post an image with a lot of text, you should supply the text in a content type immediatley following the image.

Description: ""

Text on page:

Scholarly Lecture by Dr. Donna L. Lybecker sponsored by the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Chapter #110 Idaho State University

Are people willing to pay or willing to do?

Sustainability in Ireland and the US

October 17, 2018
7 p.m.

Wood River Room
Pond Student Union
Idaho State University

Donna L. Lybecker, Ph.D.

Lybecker is a professor of Political Science and chair of the Department of Political Science at Idaho State University. Her research and teaching cover the areas of Environmental Politics and International Relations, with emphasis on political narrative, border studies, and sustainability. Current research includes work on ecosystem services focusing on the political and ecological linkages between the environment and people; public and stakeholders’ values, perceptions, and uses of resources; and the effects of policy narrative on perception and policy development surrounding international borders. With her research, Dr. Lybecker aims to improve decision-maker and public understanding of human environmental connections and contribute to better-informed conservation. Recent publications include articles in Environmental Politics, International Journal of Sustainable Society and Politics and Policy.

Dr. Lybecker received her undergraduate degree from Grinnell College; her Master’s degree from Tulane University, and her Doctoral degree from Colorado State University. She joined the ISU Department of Political Science in 2007. Since then, Dr. Lybecker has authored or co-authored 17 research articles or chapter and two books.