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Idaho State University

Content types

Common Content types

All the content types you can access by default

Sidebar Content types

Display of types that can be used in the left or right sidebar

Special Content types

You must ask for permission to use these types


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2 Columns Adjustable

Content in 2 columns. Column widths can be adjusted to better fit content.

Audio player

Allows users to play audio files chosen from the media library

Child Section List

When used on a section, the Child Section List automatically generates a list of links based on that section's children (subsections).

Content type features

Content types can be mirrored, duplicated, moved, expired, and have a version history.

Feature Well

The Feature well allows content to be placed in a formatted box with an icon. It is meant to draw attention to something specific.

General content

Content for general use

Staff Directory entry

Create a staff list with picture, contact information, biography, etc. Multiple layouts are available.

Staff Directory Layout Generator

Use with Staff Directory entry to change the layout of staff lists

Youtube Embed

Display videos from YouTube on your page