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Changing your page layout


1. Open the section that you would like to change

This will most likely be your homepage

2. Choose the 'Page Layout' tab

3. Select the layout you would like to use

If more than one channel is listed, you only need to change the page layout in the ISU Website channel


Available layouts

Left Navigation

Top Navigation

Top Navigation with sidebar

Image of page layout options

Child sections inherit layouts from their parent sections.

If you want to change all of the pages on your site, change the layout on your homepage section.



Site structure for the wellness center

If this was your site, you would go to the section named Wellness Center to change the layout. All of the sections under Wellness Center will switch to the same layout.


If you are switching from Left Navigation to Top Navigation with right sidebar, you must change the name of your sidebar section from left_sidebar to right_sidebar.