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Idaho State University

Using the Text Editor

TerminalFour uses a text editor called TinyMCE. It has many of the features you would see in word processors or bloging software.

Basic Editing Toolbar

Toolbar of the text editor

Edit Menu

The edit menu contains many options that are common keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl+x (cut)
Ctrl+c (copy)
Ctrl+v (paste)

on Macs:

The Edit menu

Insert Menu

The insert menu contains many features that are in the toolbar - insert image and insert link.

There are also options for insert dates and times, as well horizontal lines for creating separation.

Insert menu

View Menu

The view menu allows you to see your content in different ways.

Show blocks outline the HTML elements that are being used.

Show invisible characters and Visual aids are for special cases you will probably not find yourself in.

Fullscreen is a very useful option that expands the editing field to the full size of your browser. It makes it much easier to edit content.



View menu options

Format Menu

menu options in formats

Nearly all formatting options are found in this menu.

Specifically, all header sizes are found here.

Formatters for images floats, headerbars, and buttons are here.


Table Menu

table menu

The Table menu allows you make create and edit tables.

There are sub-menus for manipulating rows and columns. Once a table has been created, the table properties sub-menu allows you to make gloabl changes to the table.

MCE Editor Tips

Paragraph vs. line breaks

Paragraphs are created when you press Enter.

Paragraphs have space between them.

If you want a line break, press Shift+Enter
That makes are break with no space btween the lines.


It's best to copy text from Microsoft Word

Copying text from an existing website will pull in a lot of HTML that you don't need or want. Word formats text in a way that is compatible with the MCE editor.


Making Buttons

When you make a button, create the link first and then use the link-button format to create the button.