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Navigation Menus

How to change and manipulate the navigation menu on your site.

Navigation menus are automatically generated based on the sections in your branch.

If your site structure looks like this:

Site structure of demo site

Your navigation menu will look like this:

Navigation menu of demo site

Black folders will show in the navigation

White folders won't show in the navigation

Link sections


Because navigation menus are made from the site structure, you can change your navigation menu by altering your site structure.

Add an item to your navigation menu

New items are added to your menu by creating a new section.

Change the order of navigation menu items

Change the order in which sections appear in your navigation menu and in the site structure.

Hide a section from the navigation menu

How to make a section (page) not appear in your navigation menu.

Navigation dropdowns

How to create navigation sub-menu items.

Creating a Link Section

How to add a link to your navigation menu to a section that is not in your site structure.

Move a section

How to move a section to a different parent section.