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Idaho State University

Creating Links

There are multiple ways to create links in T4.

 Link options in terminal four are: Insert section link, Insert content link, Insert/edit external link

Insert section link: for linking to a section (page) that has already been migrated to T4

Insert content link: for linking to a content type within a section

Insert/edit external link: for linking to a site or page that is not in T4

Insert Anchor: for creating anchor links to specific pieces of HTML



Insert Section Link

Navigating the Site Structure to Find a Section

When you link to a section in T4, seeing the whole site structure can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you find what you are looking for.

The site structure is set up in a specific way

The site structure is a hierarchy. All navigation menus are generated by that hierarchy. In order for navigation menus to function on all screen sizes, every site must fit into a site structure category. It's like putting things in buckets.

The categories are:
About Us
Health at ISU
Life at ISU

If you are looking for a college, department, or program, it will be under Academics.

If you are looking for a non-academic office (ie Human Resources), it will be under About Us.

All sites migrated onto the CMS are displayed on the Site Map. Using Ctrl+F will enable you to search the site map and find what you want.



Insert Content Link

Content links allow you to link directly to a content type on a section. For instance, if a section has 15 content types, you can link directly to the 11th type. That way people won't have to scroll around to find it.

Inserting a content is very similar to inserting a section link. There is an extra step.



Link to a Document

When you want to link to a pdf, word document, or other file from the media library, use the insert media button instead of the link button.