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Understanding and changing a URL

A URL should be:

  • Short
  • Easy to read and remember - Use whole words or acronyms
  • Descriptive of the site


URLs are generated automatically

The URL for a section (page) is generated by the name you give it.

That means changing the name of a section changes the URL.

Physical location of name field for a section


All letters are converted to lowercase, spaces and punctuation are converted into dashes.


If the name of a section is: News & Events

The last part of the URL will be: news---events


Child sections add to the URL

Child sections add a /section-name/ to the end of your homepage URL


Diagram of site structure with corresponding URLs


Changes to the Output URI may result in broken links.

If you change a URI, please check to see if any links to that page are broken.

How to change a URL

T4 has a way to create a URL that is different from the section name.

On the General Section Details page under Advanced settings, there is a field called 'Output URI'.

What ever is put in this field will become the last part of the URL for that section.

Physical location of output URI on section details



Using the News & Events page shown in the diagram above

If the name of a section is: News & Events

The URL would be:


If you put news in the Output URI field, the URL will be:

Do not use spaces or capital letters in the Output URI field.