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Idaho State University

Understanding and changing the page title

The page title is what is displayed in the tab of the browser. Engines use the title to categorize the page.

Titles should be:

  • Related to the page content
  • 60 characters or less


Page titles are generated automatically

The title is generated by the name you give to a section (page).

Physical location of name field for a section



If you create a new section in your site structure and name it 'Corndogs & Mustard Packets'

The page title would for that section would be:

Corndogs & Mustard Packets | Idaho State University


How to change a page title

If you want your page title to be different than the section name use the Page Title field.

On the General Section Details page under Advanced settings, there is a field called Page Title.

 Location of the page title field


Type the new title into that field and save changes.