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Contract a Course for Honors Credit

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What is an "Honors Contract"?

An "Honors Contract" is a student initiated contract with a course instructor that provides UHP students the opportunity to earn Honors Credit for a departmental course that is not taught as a designated Honors section.

Honors Contracts are intended to provide UHP students with a more engaging experience that allows them to work more closely with the instructor and explore course material in a deeper and more meaningful way.  The UHP student and course instructor work together to determine appropriate Honors-level coursework specific to the course. 

The Honors Contract coursework may take a variety of forms.  It must, however, demonstrate a deeper connection to the course content. The Honors coursework is in addition to the usual, required coursework assigned in the course.  When the UHP student has satisfactorily completed the Honors coursework, the student will recieve Honors credit for the course.

Online Honors Contract Submission Form

UHP Honors Contract Policies & Steps

Examples Of Past Honors Contract Coursework