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Honors Courses

These are courses regularly offered as Honors sections, though they may not be offered every semester.
Refer to the ISU course catalog for an accurate list each semester. 
All Honors courses will either have the prefix HONS (e.g., HONS 1100) or an H section number (e.g., COMM 1101-H1)

ACCT 2201: Intro to Accounting I
ACCT 2202: Intro to Accounting II
ACCT 3331: Principles of Taxation 

ANTH 2237: People & Cultures of the Old World  (Obj 9)

CHEM 1111: General Chemistry (Obj 5)
CHEM 1111L: General Chemistry Lab  (Obj 5 lab)
CHEM 1112: General Chemistry II 
CHEM 1112L: General Chemistry II Lab 
CHEM 3301: Organic Chemistry I 
CHEM 3303: Organic Chemistry I Lab 
CHEM 3302: Organic Chemistry II 
CHEM 3304: Organic Chemistry II Lab 

COMM 1101: Fundamentals of Oral Communication (Obj 1)

CS 1181: Computer Science and Programming I (Obj 8)

COUN 1150: Career and Life Planning 

ECON 2201: Principles of Macroeconomics (Obj 6)
ECON 2202: Principles of Microeconomics  (Obj 6)

ENGL 4411: Advanced Academic Writing 

FIN 1115: Personal Finance (Obj 8)

GEOL 1100: The Dynamic Earth (Obj 5)
GEOL 4403: Principles of GIS 
GEOL 4403L: Principles of GIS Lab 

HCA 1115: Global Health Studies (Obj 9)
HCA 4475: Health Law & Bioethics

HIST 2291: Intro to Research (Obj 8)

HONS 1101: Honors Humanities I (Obj 4)
HONS 1102: Honors Humanities II (Obj 4)
HONS 3301: Maximizing Community Impact
HONS 3302: Research Service Learning Project
HONS 3391: Honors Seminar (Special Topic course)
HONS 3393: Intro to Honors Thesis or Project
HONS 3399: Maximizing Community Impact
HONS 4493: Honors Senior Thesis or Project
HONS 4499: Honors Service Capstone

HPSS 3322: Intro to Sport Psychology 

INFO 1101: Digital Information Literacy (Obj 8)

MATH 1153: Intro to Statistics (Obj 3)

MGT 1101: Intro to Business 
MGT 2217: Advanced Business Statistics 
MGT 2261: Legal Environments of Organizations 
MGT 3312: Individual and Organizational Behavior 

MKTG 2225: Intro to Marketing 
MKTG 3310: Professional Development and Personal Branding 
MKTG 4405: Sales Force Management 

NTD 2239: Nutrition (Obj 5)

POLS 1102: Intro to Political Critical Thinking (Obj 7)

PSYC 1101: Intro to Psychology  (Obj 6)
PSYC 2225: Child Development 
PSYC 3301: Psychopathology 
PSYC 3303: Psychology Research Methods 
PSYC 3341: Social Psychology 
PSYC 4445: Learning & Behavior
PSYC 4446: Cognitive Processes  

SOC 1101: Intro to Sociology (Obj 6)
SOC 2201: Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies (Obj 9)
SOC 2248: Critical Analysis of Social Diversity (Obj 7)

TGE 1257: Applied Ethics in Technology (Obj 4)