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Honors Leave of Absence Policies


If you are a current ISU Honors student who would like to suspend attendance to perform voluntary service or for other reasons, you may submit a Leave of Absence (LOA) request.

The University Honors Program LOA Form (UHP LOA Form DOC or UHP LOA Form PDF) must be submitted to the Honors Program the semester prior to your leave of absence.

  • This LOA agreement assumes that you will not enroll at another postsecondary institution during your LOA.
  • The Honors LOA guarantees continued membership in the ISU Honors Program but not necessarily admission to a particular academic major and/or program of study.

Steps to Complete a Leave of Absence

  1. Submit the University Honors Program Leave of Absence Form to the University Honors Program (UHP LOA Form PDF or UHP LOA Form DOC).
  2. Adhere to ISU's Leave of Absence Policy in addition to the Honors LOA Policy.
  3. Update the Honors Program on any change of address or contact information prior to and during your LOA.
  4. Update the Honors Program of any changes to your return from LOA (e.g., returning earlier or later)
  5. Work with the staff in Financial Aid and/or Scholarships Offices regarding the impact on your scholarships and financial awards.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Policies

  • Scholarships: Students who have "renewable" ISU Scholarships and have completed ONE semester or greater, can have their ISU Scholarship held (for: religious services, military, medical). For further information on “scholarship hold" policies, please visit Scholarship Holds for Current ISU Students.
  • Financial Aid: For students with financial aid offered during the period you are holding your enrollment, please contact the ISU Financial Aid Office at (208) 282-2756.