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Undergraduate Leave of Absence

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A Leave of Absence allows degree-seeking undergraduate students who have registered for and completed university credit classes to take time away from their academic pursuits to take part in activities such as military, humanitarian, or religious service. A leave of absence may also include a medical situation that leaves a student permanently disabled.

Students taking a leave of absence who have been admitted and enrolled in classes previously but have NOT enrolled in classes at Idaho State University for 8 semesters (including summers) will be required to re-apply to the University.

Reasons for submitting a leave of absence form

  • Service in the Armed forces
  • Serving an official Church Mission
  • Serving with a foreign aid service branch of the Federal Government
  • Permanently disabled

Leave of absence form

After the form has been completed please attach appropriate documentation (Examples: a copy of the military order, a copy of the church service call letter, a copy of the Peace Corps assignment letter, or supporting medical documentation).

Idaho State University Admission Deferment Policy

An admitted student may submit a one-time request to defer their admission to a future semester that is up to six (6) subsequent semesters after the semester they were offered admission. This does not include summer semesters.

Returning students

Students should schedule an advising appointment upon their return to review academic goals and degree requirements.

Academic advising appointments are available in the following locations: