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Native American Students

Office of Academic Advising warmly welcomes all Native American students and will serve as a guide to the academic culture at ISU. Entering a new academic culture is enriching but also challenging. Students should meet with an advisor at least once each semester to stay on track to graduation.

All Native American Students are encouraged to drop in or schedule an appointment at the Native American Student Services Center. New Native American Freshmen are also encouraged to meet with an advisor in Office of Academic Advising. Advisors assist students in thinking about the teaching and learning styles that are familiar, help in planning to meet academic goals, and connect students with resources that will provide support engagement in the college community.

Be prepared to discuss personal goals and educational plans. Be open and willing to consider advice from faculty, advisors, and other professional mentors. Bring a list of questions to advising appointments. Register for ISU courses as early as possible after being admitted to the university and completing advising requirements.

English Placement

Math Placement

Use Degree Works to review Major requirements

First Semester Preparation

Academic Dishonesty