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Advisor Tips For Success

Successful College Students:

Stay Connected

Adjust To The Rigor Of University Life

  • Realize college requires more time spent in individual study outside of the classroom and plan for the study time necessary to support academic potential (2-3 hours study time for each hour in class is the MINIMUM for most students)
  • Commit to attending every class and develop self-directed learner skills
  • Develop a balanced class schedule with different courses styles and level of difficulty in mind
  • Carefully consider work-life-school balance to ensure enough time is available for things outside of school
  • Find a tutor as soon as possible when challenges arise and use the Math Center and Writing Center
  • Meet with other students to form study groups and discuss concepts, gain insights, and review information that might not be in personal study notes

Be Responsible

Develop Relationships With Instructors

  • Know the names of class instructors and always refer to them as "Dr." or "Professor" unless invited to do otherwise
  • Make sure instructors know who you are by introducing yourself and talking to instructors at the beginning of each semester
  • Ask and answer questions; instructors are generally looking to have open dialog in class
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help if an assignment or question posed in class is unclear
  • Understand that Instructors are people too and don't expect them to be outstanding every day