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Class Schedule Terminology



An option for students who wish to register for a course as a listener only. Audit participants do not complete assignments, take tests, or earn a grade. Audit credits do not count toward graduation.


Campus Code

A code used to designate where a course section is taught:

  • PC = Pocatello
  • IF = Idaho Falls
  • MD = Meridian
  • TF = Twin Falls
  • HS = High School

Class Days

The abbreviations used to designate which days a course section will be taught:

  • Monday = M
  • Tuesday = T
  • Wednesday = W
  • Thursday = R
  • Friday = F
  • Saturday = S
  • Sunday = U

Class Limit

The maximum number of students who will be allowed to register for a course section.

Class Time

The time for the class. Some classes that are listed with a TBA You will see this abbreviation when the instructor for a course or the time for a course has not yet been determined or when the class time has not been determined. It is also used when a course has no specific class time because it is online.

Course Number

A unique four-digit code used to designate a specific offering in the university catalog.

  • Courses beginning with 00 are considered remedial and will not count toward academic degrees.
  • Courses numbered 1000-2999 are undergraduate courses that are considered lower division courses leading to associate degrees.
  • Courses numbered 3000-4999 are undergraduate courses that are considered upper division courses leading to bachelor degrees.
  • Courses numbered 5000-6999 are reserved for graduate level courses leading to master or doctoral degrees.
  • Courses numbered 1199, 2299, 3399, 4499, 5599, or 6699 are experimental listings


The unique Course Reference Number for a specific course section on the class schedule.


The number of credit hours for a designated ours section as listed in the university catalog.


Department Code

The designator used for the subject area. (e.g. ENGL = English)


Instructor Approval

A flag that requires the student to request a registration override from the instructor to register for a course section.


Pass/No Pass

An option to take a course for a grade that does not affect the grade point average (GPA). This option is only available on courses at the departments discretion.


Section Number

The two digit number after the course number. This distinguishes one course offering from another with the same course number. (e.g. ENGL 1101-01 or ENGL 1101-02)

Section Title

The course title as listed in the university catalog.

Schedule Type

Designated if a course section will be taught by a method other than standard lecture:

  • CL = Standard classroom setting
  • WC = Web Course(Fully Online)
    • AO = Asynchronous Online (No place or time requirement
    • SO = Synchronous Online (Time requirement but no place requirement)
    • OL = Mostly Online (Up to 5 face-to-face meetings can be required)
  • WS = Web Supplemented(i.e. Moodle or other tool used to supplement instruction)
  • VS = Video Conference Web Supplemented course

Subject Abbreviation

See Department Code.



The semester of the class schedule to review.


Wait Listing

An option available for students when a course section is full and they wish to be allowed to register if an opening occurs.

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