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Discover and Declare Majors

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ISU offers 250+ Academic Programs

Degree Programs include Majors, Minors, and Certificates.

Successful students spend time exploring programs that reflect their strengths, special interests, goals, and aspirations.

Do you know what your current major is?

  • Log into MyISU
  • Open the Main Menu
  • Click on Discover
  • Search for the 'Student Profile' card
  • Your current Major and Catalog Term are listed under “Curriculum, Hours & GPA"
  • Make sure that the major listed is correct

Selecting a Major

Students may need time to select a major that best fits their academic goals.

Students may also change their minds about their major as they transition into college and declare a new major before graduating. Taking the necessary time with information-gathering and decision-making processes before formally declaring a major is time well spent.

Undecided about a Major?

Students should take a variety of courses that seem interesting to them. There are many options that satisfy the General Education Requirements that will help when the time comes to choose a major.

To honestly evaluate their options, students should take time for:

  1. Introspection
    • What do you value?
    • What are you good at?
    • What do you dislike?
    • What has been challenging for you?
  2. Exploration
    • Explore your values, strengths, skills, dislikes, likes, and challenges.
    • Obtain information about educational programs, majors, and academic skills necessary for success.
    • Review the ISU undergraduate catalog to determine major requirements for graduation and program admission if applicable. Read the course descriptions.
    • Visit the ISU Career Center to investigate employment opportunities. Assess your interests, values, and abilities in relation to majors and occupations with a professional career counselor.
  3. Comprehension
    • Take an introductory course.
    • Interview faculty in the discipline.
    • Discuss the major with upperclassmen.
    • Spend time with someone employed in the field.
    • Imagine yourself working in that field.
  4. Execution
    • Based on your research, declare a major.

Visit the ISU Career Center. Career Counselors are available to meet with students to discuss individual professional goals and questions. Make an appointment - call (208) 282-2380 in Pocatello.

The Center for New Directions in the College of Technology can assist students in transition to overcome personal and economic barriers to education and employment. They also offer career counseling free of charge.

Declare or Change a Major

Formally declaring a major solidifies the educational plan a student will follow with course requirements for each semester until graduation. The following steps are required to declare a major:

  • Contact the Major-Minor Academic Advisor and schedule a meeting to discuss the requirements, options, and catalog year considerations for the desired major or minor.
  • Once the selection is finalized, the student and department advisor will need to complete the Change Major Request process.

Students may determine that their current major is failing to meet expectations. If this is the case, they should explore available majors and commit time to successfully find a new major that is more in line with their strengths and interests. Once a new major is chosen, students will follow the CMR process again to declare a new Major.



Competitive Majors

Competitive majors have a limited number of seats available each year. Students must apply and be accepted to the major.

Achieving the minimum GPA required for acceptance does not guarantee acceptance into the major. Students should meet with department advisors to review formal major application requirements.

Students will be in a pre-major status until they have been officially admitted to the major.

Pre-Health Professions

A specific Bachelor's Degree is not required for entry into any post-Bachelor's health/medical program. ISU's Division of Health Sciences offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Health Science as an academic option for students planning on a post-Bachelor's Degree in medical education.

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy - Prerequisite Courses

Master of Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy - Bachelor to Master Option

Physician Assistant Studies

Pre-Pharmacy Requirements

Meet with the Pre-Professional advisor for more information and to determine the most appropriate undergraduate degree plan.

Pre-Law School

Law School admission does not require any specific Bachelor's Degree. Students interested in a pre-law track or attending law school should meet with Dr. Gleason in the ISU Political Science Department. He can be reached at (208) 282-2530 or gleashan@isu.edu.

College of Technology

A number of programs require completion of pre-requisite courses prior to acceptance. Contact Student Services at (208) 282-2622 for more information.