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Advisor Directory

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Undecided Students / Students Exploring Majors
Karen Fullmer
Academic Advisor
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Additional resources for undeclared students are offered
through the ISU Career Center.
College of Arts and Letters
Virginia Barnett
Academic Advisor
Fine Arts & Humanities (Freshman and Sophomore advising)
Communication, Media and Persuasion
English and Philosophy
Global Studies and Languages
University Studies
Abbey Hadlich
Academic Advisor
Social & Behavioral Science (Freshman and Sophomore advising)
Political Science
Social Work
College of Business

Tara Smith
Director, Undergraduate Programs         
Ashley Larson
Student Services Advisor        
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College of Education
Dr. Jamie Webster                             
Advising Coordinator
Buck Benson
Pre-Program Academic Advisor
School of Nursing
Kim Gratiot
Academic Advisor                                 

Karen Ludwig
Academic Advisor         
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College of Pharmacy
Dr. Cynthia Tillotson
Director, Student Relations and Admissions
Ronda Mahl
Administrative Assistant            
College of Health Professions

Shanon Oler
Pre-Health Professions

Pre-Program advising Areas:

Dental, Medical, Podiatry

Alyssa St John
Pre-Health Professions
Academic Advisor
Pre-Program advising Areas:
Chiropractic, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy

Valentin Garcia
Health Sciences Advisor
Academic Advisor
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Pre-Program advising Areas:

Optometry, Physician Assistant, Veterinary

Rachel Azzarito
Emergency Services
Academic Advisor

Emergency Services Programs:

Paramedic Science
Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Management
Fire Services Administration

Head shot
Yaritza Barrera
Academic Advisor


Community & Public Health
Dental Hygeine
Medical Laboratory Sciences
Nutrition & Dietetics
Radiographic Science

School of Communication and Rehabilitation Sciences
Lexie Baker
Technical Records Specialist
College of Science and Engineering
Dan Giltz
Biology Department Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors:
Please contact your faculty/department
advisor to make an advising appointment.
Dylan Koenig
Academic Advisor
College of Technology

Jesse Call-Feit
Academic Advisor
Phil Jones
Academic Advisor
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Michelle Havens
Academic Advisor
Irene Robinson
Technical Records Specialist
Academic Advising - Meridian
Ali Crane
Director, Enrollment & Student Services
Dana Gaudet
Assistant Director, Enrollment & Student Services
Academic Advising - Twin Falls
Chris Vaage
Director, University Programs              
Christy Lantz
Assistant Director, University Programs              
Academic Advising - Idaho Falls
Brad Broschinsky
Academic Advisor                               
Katie Beck
Academic Advisor                                            
Laureen Orozco
Director of Academics                          
Veteran Services
Todd Johnson
Director, Veteran Student Services        

ISU Veterans Website

TRIO Student Services
Maurice Pittman
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Juanita Gonzalez
TRIO Veterans Program
Amy Christensen
TRIO Veterans Director
Micheal Gloschat
TRIO Veterans Advisor
Omar Raudez
TRIO Veterans Advisor
Tyler Johnson
TRIO Veterans Advisor
International Programs Office
Nitin Srivastava
International Academic Advisor