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What is TRIO? 

TRIO is a set of federally-funded college opportunity programs that motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their pursuit of a college degree.  TRIO programs provide academic tutoring, personal counseling, mentoring, financial guidance, and other supports necessary for educational access and retention. TRIO programs provide direct support services for students.


Pre-College Youth Programs

The Pre-College Youth programs are designed specifically for students attending target high schools throughout Southeast Idaho. Students enrolled in these programs will obtain resources to support them in discovering, planning and financing their potential careers after high school. Resources include academic planning, tutoring, financial aid support, college entrance exam preparation and much more. 




We contribute to student's higher education journey with a summer program and year round support that helps enhance skills and motivation of student to achieve a bachelor's degree.


Educational Talent Search

We help middle school and high school students enroll in college or vocational technical schools as well as help them apply for financial aid. 



Pre-College Adult Programs

These programs are designed for those over the age of 19 who want to pursue higher education at the college, university, or career technical school of their choice, but don't know where to start



Veterans Program

We are an extension of military education benefits serving veterans of all branches, and current active duty National Guard or Reserve members who want to pursue any type of education at the school of their choice.  


Educational Opportunity Center

We provide information to individuals older than 19 years of age regarding college admissions, scholarships, financial aid, and other support services.  



 Collegiate Programs

These programs are designed for individuals already enrolled in classes at a college/university. These programs give vital resources to student to help them throughout their college experience. 


McNair Scholars Program

We offer academic and professional development for undergraduate students whose goals are to research at a college level and obtain a Ph.D. 

Student Support Services 

We offer eligible students advising and tutoring to help you continue your education and complete you bachelor's degree. Our advisors remain with you until you graduate. 

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Main Office Physical Location: Idaho State University - Museum Building Room 446